wedding flowers

In a sense, wedding flowers symbolize the bride in full blossom. With the many varieties of flowers which are available for use in any given theme, which one should you go for on your own big day?

Well, consider the following list; they are the most preferred blooms by women who have already walked down the aisle before you have. Here they are in descending order:

10. Gardenias have green and waxy leaves, and effuse a sensual, profound scent. The blooms look great in bouquets or as an accent to a low bowl centerpiece; a single bloom is a simple, but perfect corsage.

9. With a perky, youthful scent and an adornment of ruffled blooms, the sweat pea is an easy favorite for inclusion in bouquets. This flower comes in many colors, from bright pink to deep purple, with scents ranging from sweet to strong.

8. Stephanotis buds grow in subtly scented, star-shaped waxy florets along a flowering vine, but each blossom needs special wire support before it can be effectively set on a bouquet. A bouquet of these blossoms is one of the more conventional kinds which the bride may carry.

7. The lush, multiple petals of the ranunculus comes in various colors such as white, pink, orange, and yellow, and grow on stalks with fernlike leaves. This is a very affordable flower to use, compared with the rose or the peony.

6. Peonies have big, full, and bright blossoms, and accompanied by a strong scent. The flower comes in two types; the herbaceous, and the tree-growing variety. The blooms, which are cultivated in single or double-blossom styles, may be used to adorn bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements.

5. Hydrangea blossoms have big and bushy heads, and come in a myriad of colors; bright shades of blue, pink, purple and burgundy; some varieties even change in color, from perky pink to sky blue, depending on the acid content of the soil. This affordable flower’s stems fill in bouquets and arrangements nicely, and a few blooms make an exquisite boutonniere.

4. The bright scent of the lily of the valley, and the tiny bell florets which sprout around its thin stem, is a pretty costly addition to a bouquet, so you may want to settle with just a few stems as accent to a bouquet or centerpiece. The blossoms of this fragrant flower come in white, and the rare color of rosy-pink.

3. The calla lily is an exquisite trumpet-shaped flower which comes in two kinds; the variety with a big head and a long smooth stem is ideal for tall displays or presentation bouquets, while the small blossomed variety is perfect for boutonnieres and nosegays. It is most popular in creamy ivory, but it also comes in yellow, deep purple, orange, and mauve pink.

2. The tulip comes in three varieties, and is available in numerous colors which will suit any theme; white and cream, pastel colors like pink and peach, and bright hues such as red and purple. This blossom is very versatile and will fit in perfectly with any arrangement.

1. As expected, the most popular blossom is the rose, a universal symbol of beauty and love. This flower comes in solid and bicolor varieties, and there are also striped and tipped roses which are available. The three main types which may be suitable for any wedding include the hybrid tea variety, spray roses, and garden roses. This very versatile flower comes in as many as three thousand commercial varieties! More than enough to choose from, don’t you think?