Yuletide wedding

There are basically three very good reasons why couples should seriously consider on the prospects of a Christmas wedding: first, the decorations are very easy to obtain and lay out; second, the engaged couple will have less worries about attending relatives; it is almost certain that most of them will be there for the ceremony, since Christmas, the season for family gatherings, is fast approaching; and third, Christmas weddings are fun! You’ll put an element of childlike innocence in your wedding theme, as the Christmas season is essentially all about children.

Naturally, with a Christmas wedding, you’ll use the season’s symbols to full advantage, beginning with the tree; you can use two trees to flank the entrance to the ceremony or reception hall, or use a large one to serve as a focal point within the reception area.

You’ll have no problems with this ornament, since you can use the trimmings from last year, or you can obtain them at a very accessible price at a discount shop. Make sure you have them well-lighted up and ornamented, and you’ll have an instant décor hit.

Following from the momentum of the trees flanked on the entrance, have fresh greens running all around and along the interior of the wedding or reception venue: on the walls, around railings, over fireplaces. To give them sparkle, intertwine them with small-bulb white lights. In the reception venue, pepper the windowsills with fake snow, and scatter evergreen boughs on tables with red or green cloths. Add an extra playfulness by hanging mistletoes over random areas in the room, or over the table reserved for the newlyweds.

The reception venue can be given a suffused glow by placing a centerpiece on each table, made out of an elegant wreath, each with a colorful lighted candle in the middle. You can also add a decorative touch in the otherwise bare tables by placing baskets of candy canes or pine cones.

Use colors which are easily associated with the season, such as red, green, silver, and gold, in order to achieve the best effect. And to complete the Christmas theme, play a background loop sample of sleigh bells, or use Christmas songs as ambiance music before the wedding ceremony, and during the reception. Old hits provide the best effect; you’ll feel like you’re snowed-in inside a secluded winter cabin!

You can take advantage of this opportunity to receive wedding gifts in a totally different and fitting way. Instead of using a gift table, use the tree in the center of the venue as a gift ‘holder’! You’ll have the pleasure of seeing the gifts stack up right before everyone’s eyes, and best of all, this time, they’re all for you (and your significant other). The wedding cake, which is another wedding staple, can be accented with colorful ornaments like candy ribbons and canes, or any trinket which you find particularly appealing.

You can pass the message of the theme by handing out favors fitting for Christmas, such as an engraved and scented candle, or better yet, spread the Yuletide message by giving the gift of hope, in the form of potted evergreen seedlings, to be taken home and nurtured. These will serve as constant reminders of the occasion, and of the true meaning of the season.