bride buffet

A menu is chosen for your guests. The food is sure to satisfy each palate. How should you serve the food to your guests? It may depend on the mood you want at your reception and the expense of the technique. Some reception venues may already have a way of doing this but others may leave it completely up to the bride and groom.


Some prefer a buffet style meal while others prefer a sit down meal. Buffet style is usually less expensive then a sit down meal. A bride and groom may decide that they would like to serve their guests a full meal. Many family members and friends may have traveled to come to this event. You may consider it disappointing for them not to get a full meal before leaving. Buffet style is much more relaxing and creative. Guests can get food at the announced time, choosing what they want from what they see.

Sit Down Meal

On the other hand, a sit down meal may be more your style. This way of presenting food is more formal and elegant. A waiter can still get the food for older guests or privileged guests of honor. Many times the bride and groom may forget to eat unless food is given to them. It comes down to table service or self service. If you are aware of dietary limitations, make sure you compensate in some way.

Food Stations

If neither of these satisfies you, then go for what is called food stations. This is a unique, exciting and interesting way of presenting food to your guests. It’s quite fun which will add to the joy and the festivities of the reception. Each guest goes around the room sampling different foods from the stations. It’s a nice way to allow guests the option of choosing their own food and sitting where they want.

Some people may already feel uncomfortable among a crowd of other guests they don’t know. Put them at ease by letting them have options. Perhaps each food station can have an ethnic food such as Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Mexican. Find a flavor or two that suits you and that you haven’t been able to try.

If you are aware of some that live a vegetarian lifestyle, then allow at least a few items on the menu for their taste buds. However you present the food at your wedding reception, make sure it’s appealing to all. Seasonal food may be more tasty and satisfying.

As bride and groom, be sure to eat something because it’s been a long, strenuous day!