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Wedding planning can take years and cost millions, but having your dream wedding doesn’t have to mean a 2 year engagement and an empty bank account.

Many resourceful couples use their time and money wisely to create the wedding of their dreams in a short period of time. Planning each piece of a wedding quickly and frugally is possible if the couple is willing to think outside the box.

The Venue

Typically one of the most expensive and time consuming parts of a wedding, your venue really sets the tone for the day. Many brides choose to hire out hotel ballrooms, as they are well set up and experienced in the wedding arena.

However, hotels tend to book far in advance, and charge at a premium for their expertise. A bride short on time and money will need to think outside the ballroom and go for a more creative option. Zoos, libraries, museums and large houses all make for inexpensive, unreserved options.

Instead of searching online for wedding locations, think about places in your town that are beautiful and have the capacity to hold all of your guests.

Sometimes small restaurants are more than happy to accommodate your reception (and ceremony) if you just ask. Interesting locations like these usually require minimal décor, saving you time and money when it comes to renting decorations and hiring a florist.

If you are dead set on a space that has already been reserved, or falls outside your budget, consider marrying on a Friday or Sunday. Since those days are non-traditional “wedding days” many venues offer lower prices and have more availability.

Consider using non-traditional décor in hotel locations, like potted plants as centerpieces or fruit themes to save with your florist.

The Dress

Many brides spend months trying on dresses, and waiting for their dress to arrive before they even being the alterations. Though it is possible to order a dress and have it delivered quickly, the wait time can still be a few months and it will cost nearly as much as the dress itself to expedite shipping.

To lower the cost of your dress and the time it takes to get it, consider buying off the rack. Many bridal stores sell their gowns at a discount if you buy the display dress.

Often these dresses are as good as new, or need only a cleaning. Usually dress shops stock their dresses in average sizes, so in many cases the alterations needed are minimal. If you can’t find your dream dress on the sale rack, try finding other brides who are selling their old dress.

Many brides even sell brand new dresses that have never been worn if they’ve found a new dress. Finding a bride who is your size or a few sizes larger is key, as it makes the alteration process faster and easier.

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The Engagement Ring And Wedding Bands

This is probably the biggest expense you will incur especially if you are intend to buy a diamond ring. While the average size of the diamond ring in United States is 1.00 carat, it doesn’t mean you have to get a one carat diamond.

Stay within your means and consider alternatives like lab created diamonds or gemstone rings to save costs. Speak to your spouse to get an idea of their expectations.

Buying your wedding bands and jewelry online can also save you a tidy sum of money.

For couples with a short time frame to shop for rings, bear in mind that rings with elaborate designs will usually require more time for fabrication. It would be a good idea to stick with plain designs to save costs and fabrication time.

The Music

Surprisingly a good dj or band can really break the bank for a couple looking to get married. Many DJ’s charge premium money for little more than their laptop and a sound system.

You can achieve the same effect asking a confident friend or relative to run a playlist of your choosing during the reception. As long as you instruct your “dj” about what they need to say and how to play the list, you can save thousands by only renting a sound system.